“Personalised caricatures from photos”, with special appearance from Prince Charles!

personalised cartoon caricature of guy dressed in kilt, holding guitar in one hand and a book in the other

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“Caricatures from photos”, cartoon of policewoman as a birthday caricature gift!

Caricatures from photos. Cartoon caricature of policewoman, her funny looking police dog and a police car

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Hire a cartoonist – To Draw A Personalised Caricature!

Hire a cartoonist – To Draw A Personalised Caricature!

Caricature for a birthday present, cartoonist drawing caricatures, caricature of lady juggling lots of things, laptop, money, business graph, daughter in sporty car, trophy

This caricature was commissioned to highlight Helga’s busy life schedule – having lots of balls in the air, achieving outstanding results. Hire a cartoonist for your next caricature project…

Caricatures make excellent personalised gifts. You can brief me on any background or theme and I’ll come up something funny but not mickey taking.(I prefer not to exaggerate features – the receiver tend not to like it!) These caricatures are truly stunning in full colour, especially when placed in frames. Order your cartoon caricature today and be very pleased you commissioned a true professional cartoonist with 30 years experience.

One of the UK’s most experienced and leading caricature artist, if you are looking to a photo of someone close to you for a special gift then look no further. Each cartoon caricature is personally drawn from your photos(Please supply two or three so I can get the feel of them.) from the description you provide. Let me know how you want your caricature and I’ll will turn your ideas into a unique A3 sized caricature.

You can hire a cartoonist like Richard by calling him on +44 1246 209034

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Superman Caricatures – YOU Too Can be Superman!

Superman caricatures – you too can be Superman! I’ll draw you or a work colleague as Superman in a caricature.


Let your imagination run wild – I can draw virtually anything in a personalized cartoon caricature. Superman caricatures a speciality!

'Superman caricatures, you drawn as superman, John Mitchell was retiring after 25 years with the company and as a send off they asked me to draw a caricautture of John

John M was retiring after 25 years with the company and as a send off they asked me to draw a caricature of him. All you have to do is supply a few close-up photos of the ‘victim’ and a description of what you want in the caricature. I’ll do you a visual to view and comment.

You can contact me via email at mailto:rd@cartoonstudio.co.uk

I look forward to drawing further Superman caricatures with your work colleague as the main character.

Caricature of Superman flying through the air over skyscrapers

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Cartoon Caricatures From YOUR Photos!

Caricatures From Photos

Cartoon caricatures of vintage cars. Caricature of Caterham 7 car with owner. Drawn as a leaving present. Caricatures from photos.

To commemorate a special event, be it personal or group, why not try commissioning a caricature from your photos? Images like these can be personalized to suit the type of celebration. A caricature makes a great business giveaway, especially if they depict top executives in a light hearted and funny pose. They also make great motivational items, especially when the subject is a recipient of an award or honor. The members of the whole sales team can also be depicted in caricatures from photos and displayed for all to see and derive inspiration from. During company events like picnics and conventions, caricatures from photos are quite suitable as souvenirs.

Caricatures can also be made into great promotional materials…

cartoon caricature of soccer player, caricature of footballer in Spurs kit, Tottenham Hotspur cartoon caricature gift, I did it my way caricature, soccer caricature

Caricatures from photos can also be made into great promotional materials, with the sales person depicted with the product or service offered. As advertising goes, caricatures from photos cost less yet hold the promise of sales, as people respond positively to brightly colored images with funny features. No need to hire real life celebrities, well designed caricatures from photos will do just fine. Because of the affordability and convenience, this type of promotional materials is suitable for both small-scale and large businesses.

Try giving cards with caricatures…

In need of personalized gifts that does not cost much? Try giving a greetings card made from the caricature – I’ll supply the file for you to use . Besides being unique, these gift items will be warmly received because you obviously given it much thought and effort in having it commissioned. And of course, nobody could resist anything clearly depicting fun and lightheartedness.Golf cartoon caricature, golfing caricature, Porsche cartoon caricature, guy on golf course caricature, full colour golf caricature

Caricatures from photos can also be included in other kinds of gift items, such as calendars, notebooks, journals, even in mugs and cups.

A personalised caricature can also be used in printed materials such as email promos, books and magazines. In the absence of photos and images of the real person, caricatures will do nicely to represent a certain person featured in articles or stories.

When clients commission me to make caricatures from photos, the one thing I emphasized for them to send me appropriate photographs.

Making caricatures from photos is easy enough, especially for someone like me who has been in this business for a long time. But each project that I accept is decidedly unique on its own and presents its distinctive challenge.

When creating caricatures from photos, I make sure that the client furnishes me with all the necessary details in order for me to have a comprehensive image. This includes describing the personality of the subject, his or her interests and hobbies, and the like.

I make sure that the client submits a clear picture of the person I have to draw. This means that all his or her facial features must be clearly discerned, preferably with a smile in their faces. As much as possible, only the most recent pictures must be used to create caricatures from photos.

Cricket caricature, 80 not out, cartoon caricature for 80th birthday gift, full colour caricature, cricketer caricature

Caricatures from photos may contain an exaggeration or two in terms of physical features, depending on the specifications of the client. However, I always strive to depict each subject in a flattering and positive manner. Customer satisfaction is always a priority, with the completed works always fulfilling the client’s demands.


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